Ask yourself the following questions, Does the teacher….

  • Encourage the love and joy of dancing in each child and show an interest in each child’s growth and development?
  • Seem aware of the physical and mental capabilities of the particular age group being taught? 
  • Are the children grouped with consideration as to age and ability?
  • Seem to have a working knowledge of anatomy? Many chronic injuries are traced to poor movement habits learned in early years of training.
  • Maintain an atmosphere comfortable and supportive to all students in the class?
  • Use imaginative language when giving instructions?
  • Include creative work along with formal instruction?
  • Include rhythmic training in the lesson?
  • Encourage appropriate apparel for the class?
  • Make age appropriate musical selections?

Our teachers strive to achieve all of the above points in our classes. We want to be the absolute best dance teachers around and we are continually trying to improve our abilities, ideas and communicative skills.

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