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Our daughters, Gabi and Chloe, have been a part of the Exisdance family for the past 7 years. They love all of the instructors and the positivity that is present throughout the studio. Miss Janielle, along with her instructors, challenge dancers in the various dance genres and the dancers thrive due to a genuine interest in each dancer's well-being. We love the age-appropriate and modest music and costumes that each instructor promotes. We are also very lucky to have our daughters dance in such a beautiful new facility, equipped with huge viewing windows for parents to look in on their child's progress at any time! Our family loves the family friendly atmosphere. Our girls flourish in feeling like they belong to something fun, encouraging and special, all while attaining great skills! We highly recommend Exisdance to everyone looking for a studio to call home!

- Carrie Netzel

We have been part of the Exisdance family for 10 years and our girls Alyssa and Serena have found Exisdance to be fun, exciting and challenging at the same time. The girls love all the teachers that they have encountered and as parents we enjoy Exisdance's relaxed and positive atmosphere. At Exisdance our girls have fun while working hard at their discipline. We are proud to be part of Exisdance and would highly recommend the studio for your family.

- Mamta Di Palma (Daughters Serena & Alyssa Di Palma)

Exisdance Lethbridge Testimonial

My daughter Abbey has been dancing with Miss Janielle at Exisdance for 8 years and the studio has truly become Abbey's second home. Miss Janielle has provided a professional, fun and nurturing atmosphere for the dancers and they truly flourish. Miss Janielle has helped Abbey to develop a great deal of confidence through her love of dance and Abbey loves to perform on stage. Abbey and I are proud to say we are part of the Exisdance Family.

- Danielle D'Eon-Ford

Exisdance has become my home away from home and the staff and other students have become a family to me.  The instructors and other staff members are inspirations to all the dancers and have not only taught me many things about dancing but have also taught me a lot about myself and have bettered me as a dancer and as an individual.

- Taylor Rypien Graduated Senior Dancer & Teacher at Exisdance

Our eldest daughter has been in Exisdance for eight years now. The last recital we had blew me away. I couldn't believe how much my daughter and all the other dancers I've watched over the years had blossomed into beautiful confident dancers. Not only are these girls learning solid technique but you can see that they have learned self discipline, confidence, stage presence and grace. The costumes are always trendy but modest, the music is always relevant and tasteful and the staff are all so dedicated.

- Sarah Ball

I have been at Exisdance for 8 years. The teachers there are all very nice, helpful and fun to be with. My experience there has been wonderful and it’s a great place to start and to go forward with in the future. There is a great variety of dance for any age, and class sizes are limited so everyone gets personal attention to improve their technique.

- Kelsey Johansen