Competition Information

Performing Group Information: extra groups, solos, duos & trios

Performing Group Information: regular class groups

Dance Power Competition: TBA

Fabulous Feet Festival: TBA

Great Canadian Dance Festival: TBA

Rhythm Dance Festival (Company Only): TBA


PLEASE FIND YOUR DANCE IN THE LIST BELOW: Items on the list that have an asterisk** need to be purchased


-Please ensure that everyone in the group is matching. Remember, stage make-up is much different than regular make-up. What seems like a lot in person you won’t even notice when the dancers are on stage, but if you don’t apply enough, you won’t be able to tell who is who!

-Please note that less make up is required for picture day than for stage.

-Try out your make up ahead of time if you think allergies might occur.

-No watches or jewellery. No underwear lines

-No nail or toe polish or sparkles

-Clean and polish shoes with scuffs and stickers off. Double knot jazz shoes and tuck ties into shoes.

General Stage Make–up (unless otherwise mentioned below this is the make up required for all dances)

*Competitive Routines are to wear false eyelashes*

-Red Lipstick
-Dark pink blush
-Black eyeliner on top lid with one tick pointing up at an angle halfway towards the end of the eyebrow, on lower lid half way to the center of the eye.

- Brown eye shadow in crease of eyelid
-Black Mascara
-White eye shadow underneath the eyebrow