Adult Classes

We offer one of the largest selections of adult dance classes in Lethbridge, Alberta. Our Adult programs are geared toward dancers of ages 16-60 and all levels of ability.


A mixture of cardio, stretch and strength building exercises are incorporated with basic Ballet technique to make your exercise seem like Swan Lake!


Hip Hop is a fast, high energy type of dance seen in music videos and commercials. Moves are very funky and incorporate styles such as locking, popping, wacking and some break dance moves. Classes begin with a vigorous warm up and are followed by street based dance routines.


Modern is an expressive and energetic yet fluid style. Dancers are encouraged to use their emotions and moods while dancing. This contemporary dance language draws from many other dance forms with its roots in Ballet and other ethnic dance forms. Modern dance utilizes gravity and includes falls and more grounded movements than a classical ballet class. Classes include a structured warm up, centre exercises and across the floor combinations. A full range of body movement is explored to create a highly expressive and boldly physical style.


Jazz dancing is entertaining to watch, fun and lively to participate in. Jazz incorporates a combination of stylistic moves, intricate footwork, leaps and quick turns. Students learn steps and combinations to current popular music as well as pop classics. It is a great course for improving coordination, balance, rhythm and self - confidence. Our school follows the A.D.A.P.T (Associated Dance Arts for Professional Teachers) jazz syllabus. Our teachers also incorporate the latest popular and vibrant new styles and moves.


Our musical theatre program teaches stage dance and includes a voice component. Our program is unique in that in addition to providing top quality dance instruction to teach the choreography, our musical theatre instructor also trains students vocally and includes a dramatic expressive component as well.


Adults with more than 4 years of previous dance experience are encouraged to try the Advanced class. We offer advanced classes in Jazz, Tap and Hip Hop. The steps and choreography will be more challenging and a reasonable level of flexibility and cardio will be expected. Each class the teacher will challenge students in new, exciting, and encouraging ways.