Ballet is a graceful style which develops strength, flexibility, focus and discipline. Our school offers the Society of Russian Ballet Syllabus. The Society of Russian Ballet is a dance education and training organization that promotes healthy technical and artistic training utilizing the Vaganova Method.

The teachings of Agrippina Vaganova and Russian styling are at the heart of the syllabus, which has been carefully developed to ensure a steady, careful technical and artistic progression from one level to the next.

The classes offered begin with pre-primary ballet for children aged 5 and older, primary for children aged 6 and older, grade 1 ballet ages 7-10 and so on. The grades of ballet do not follow the same ages as public school grades. Our office staff can assist in selecting the proper class for a beginning ballet student.


We also offer teen and adult recreational ballet for students who have not taken ballet as younger children and who wish to take ballet without following a syllabus.

Ballet develops a good technical foundation for all the other styles of dance. It is highly recommended for all dancers.